Branching out

Monday, November 2, 2009 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , |

While looking up materials for my proposed guest book tree, it occurred to me--this can be a really awesome centerpiece! I love the minimal simplicity of the manzanita branch. Add a few orchids,and the look is very fetching. The hard part is finding the elusive manzanita branches. I checked out craigslist and folks are selling manzanita branches for as cheap as $10 to even a $1 each! But I'm a little wary of some of the dealers on Craigslist. I contacted a few of them (who suspiciously have different email address but use the same photos) and they claim I can't come to their location to check out the branches myself. I have to send them the money first...hmmm, suspect.

But then I thought about that tall manzanita branch on top of my table. Would I get frustrated that I can't talk to the person across from me because I can't see their face? The fiance and I orginally nixed tall centerpieces because of that reason. We want people to interact, to talk to each other. We definitely don't want people craning their necks to see what's going on.
So...manzanita centerpieces: too distracting or not?

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