Day of Coordinator -- worth the $$$?

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Day of Coordinators ain't cheap. We learned that early on in our planning process. DOCs in the LA area can cost $500 - $1000. The ones with great references can run up to $2000. $500, the cheapest package I've seen, still ain't chump change to me, not for our budget at least. But my future SIL implored my fiance and I to consider a DOC. She insists that hers was a lifesaver and hiring one could be a wise investment on our part.

At first, I thought we would definitely hire a DOC at some point, but now I'm not so sure. Well, for one thing, our church comes with a ceremony coordinator. She will know what typically needs to happen during the ceremony. She'll take care of the procession and the ceremony program. We will have our groomsmen hand out programs and usher guests into the pews.

At the reception site, we'll have a staff setting up decorations, place cards and centerpieces. A head waiter will make sure the timeline is followed.  We also have a handful of friends and family who are willing to help out and have so far offered their services. We will have timelines for everyone for follow so that they'll know what needs to be done and when. As detail oriented as we are, we will pretty much have everything planned to the minute detail the day before the wedding. If we did hire a DOC, all she would do is make sure those duties are executed. But is it worth $500 (at least) to have someone make sure everyone is doing their job?

Yeah, it's true that DOCs can potentially make your day run smoothly. Who wants to stress out when the DJ starts playing music on your banned list? Or when a guest has an issue with their meal? Then again, I will be even more stressed if I see that I've paid my DOC $500 just to make sure people have found their seats and grabbed their favors. Seriously, with all the friends and family offering their help, is it really necessary?

I don't SIL seems pretty adamant that we're making a HUGE mistake if we don't hire a DOC. Maybe I am stingy, but I'm thinking it's not really necessary. And if some minor glitch happens, we're not really the kind of people to stress out about it. Yeah, it's our wedding, but who said it had to be a perfectly orchestrated production. It's a gathering of our closest family and friends. Who's gonna care that toasts started at 1:30 p.m. instead of 1:20 p.m.? ..I dunno...I'm sure I'll have a better idea as we get closer to the main event...

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