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This is a term cleverly coined by A Practical Wedding. Let me apply it here to my frustration to bridesmaid dresses. How on earth can one knee-length/tea-length dress cost so much? I swear I've purchased similar dresses for at most $60. I know I said my bridesmaids are purchasing their own gowns, but I don't want to clean them out of everything they own just so they can look nice at my wedding. They're already doing so much for me. So...here it is, I don't want them spending more than $100 on the dress. That's a little tough because it's hard enough finding dresses in plum. Here's where I'm picky. I like purple, but I love a particular shade of purple--plum, a reddish/deep purple hue. This is the color my fiance and I agreed on. He wants this shade for his groomsmen's ties. It's hard to find this color in the style we want, and because I'm so picky, I know the least I can do is find dresses that are affordable.
I've searched high and low. I've even checked out non-wedding stores like Nordstrom, JC Penny and even Kohl's, but they just don't seem to have the style I'm looking for. I've also checked out Express, Windsor and Ann Taylor...nada.
I found one at David's Bridal, a plum tea-length dress for $99 with the sale that ends this Sunday. I don't know, the dress is fine...but I think I can do better. I have a few days to make up my mind...don't want to miss a potential deal for my bridesmaids.

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Jamie said...

You can try to find a dress pattern of the style you want and have a seamstress make it for you. Don't know if it's any cheaper, though, since you have to buy the materials and all.

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