Have I found The One?

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I don't get the "love at first sight" thing with dresses. I think I actually have to warm up to one before I can say it's "The One." My fiance knows this, but I didn't see fireworks when I first saw him. I thought he was attractive (yes, my glances lingered on him a little longer than other people), but I didn't have that lightning-crashing, "Yes, he's The One!" moment. That came later, after several movie nights and ice cream sundaes...and one particular night he showed up at my door bearing cookies he baked himself.

I went in to David's Bridal for my second appointment this morning. This time, I scrapped the dresses my sales associate put aside for me from my first appointment and told her my budget. No more than $300, I said. Pitiful, I know, but show me whatcha got!

I tried on several dresses - first this A-line chiffon dress.  I loved the flowiness of the dress, very simple but romantic. But is it appropriate for a church wedding?

I wanted to see something a little more elaborate. I tried on more sleeker, mermaid-style dresses. While I have a small, petite frame, my wide hips are what makes me a size 8. The snugness around my hips didn't really compliment that portion of my body.

I tried this taffeta A-line dress. Very pretty, but out of my budget range --with the current sale and my $50 off coupon I received from attending a bridal expo, it comes to $399. I found myself deciding between this and another similar dress (priced at $299). With tax and alterations, I would still be over my budget.

My dress consultant was about to put aside a few other dresses she pulled for me, when I decided to try one of them on anyway. It was this traditional halter A-line dress. On the hanger, it didn't look like much. Even the photo doesn't make me look twice at it. But on my body, I found myself liking it a lot. The longer I looked at myself in the mirror, the more it grew on me. It complimented my figure - flattered my small chest, my wide hips. Though simple, I felt regal and more importantly, comfortable in the dress. Random people in the store would stop to tell me how nice the dress looked on me. The good news is the dress is $249.  The bad news is that I would have to make my decision soon. It's on clearance and it's the only one they have. Oh, the pressure!

On one hand, I don't want to kick myself later, pulling my hair out wondering why I let a good deal get away. On the other hand, I don't want to make myself miserable with dress envy if I catch sight of another dress. Why didn't I get this one?

I thought of the pros and cons -- the good old standard way of making any decision. The pros? I like the way it looks on me. I think it's pretty, in an old fashioned, traditional, chic kind of way. And it's within my price range! The cons? Well, it's David's Bridal--a lot of fashionistas out there wouldn't be caught dead wearing something generic. If you knew where I work, you'd be surprised I'm considering a low-end bridal gown for my wedding. But if you look at the cons, it's really just worries about what other people will think. Isn't that what I vowed I would never do?

But I do have to think about this some more. I have to give myself a chance to look at other dresses before I make a decision. Maybe it is like finding your guy...if it is meant to be, the dress will still be there. Yeah...I'll just keep telling myself that...maybe I'll believe it...

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