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Trying to plan a wedding on a budget is hard. Trying to plan an intercultural wedding can be even harder. My fiance is Samoan-Chinese. I am Filipino. Our marriage will signify the coming together of our diverse families. We want to celebrate that, the intertwining of our cultures. I want the three cultures to be celebrated in a harmonious cohesion, not as if three distinct cultures are just thrown together without any rhyme or reason. That can be hard when most of the wedding blogs and magazines I see cater to the usual traditional westernized themes.
I also want the cultures to come out in a genuine, modern and artistic way. Not the artifical fortune cookies and chinese takeout boxes you'll see in some favor stores (sorry, I'm not digging Oriental Trading Co.)

Then I saw Wedding Noveau a blog celebrating intercultural weddings, which is quickly becoming my new fave blog. There are dozens of wedding photos and inspiration boards of almost every kind of intercultural wedding, including this gorgeous Indian-Finnish wedding in Berkeley, CA.  Stunning.

(All Images by © Wendy MacLaurin Richardson)

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