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So I mentioned yesterday that I bought a wedding gown at a bridal expo, the same expo where I won my kinda, sorta "free" honeymoon to the Caribbean. A Time for Elegance, a vendor associated with the event organizors was selling wedding gowns for a cheap $175. I had to take a look.

All the wedding dresses were hung in a back room with no dressing rooms. It was kinda weird, especially with some guy (I figure another woman's fiance) poking his head into the room. I instantly found a long chiffon gown with a lace back. It had a vintage, long, slim art decco vibe. I had to try it on, and just my luck, it was a size 8! But my enthusiasm fell when I put it on. It was loose everywhere except for my hips and I worried that it excentuated those wide babies. It was also really long and I wondered how much it would cost to get it altered.

Then I tried on a Mori Lee gown. A formal A-line dress with a train that seemed to go on for miles. When I put it on, I felt beautiful and regal. I loved getting zipped into it and feeling like everything was in place. It fit nearly perfectly (it was a little long and a tad bit loose on the top). It was traditional, but it didn't look cheap. A part of me really wants to stand at the altar with a long, beautiful train.

So I purchased it. $175 bucks! You can't beat that! My only worry was how I was going to transport the gown without my fiance (who waited for me at Starbucks) seeing it. The vendor didn't have a black bag to give me, just a clear one. I just rolled the dress up, put my jacket over it and tossed it in the trunk. When I got home, I put the dress on and danced around the house.

The next morning, I looked at the dress again. Funny, I thought. The dress looks different in the daylight. Then I noticed the beads. There are clear beads all over the bodice. Sure, I noticed the beads when I bought the dress, but I thought they were a nice touch. But now they looked like they completely covered the dress. I freaked out. I don't want to look like a Christmas ornament walking down the aisle! People who know me know my style is much more simple than that.

Oh, No! Did I make another rash purchase? On my wedding gown of all things? I freaked out. I thought about the other dress I put on. The vintage-looking dress with the lace back. Yes, a part of me is traditional, but another part of me is a little more unconventional. I kicked myself knowing I probably couldn't make any exchanges. I put the dress I bought away and refused to look at it. For awhile, I was really stressing myself about it -- like the morning after feeling following, say, a one night stand...not that I would know what that feels like...

Anyway...the point is I made a hasty decision compelled by the "buy it now!" urgency and now I don't know if I made such a great choice. Do brides go through this a lot with their dress? Is it usually all in their head?

Looking at the dress again, it occurred to me. I am overreacting. It is a nice dress. I got it because I loved the way I looked in it.

I need to get over my over-anxiety of needing to find one that will wow the whole world. I got it because it's pretty and, $175, man, that still is a great deal!

Oh...I guess you'd want to see the dress...

Here it is!

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