Wedding related things to do this week:

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Gather church documents - I will need an updated baptism certificate as well as a copy of my first communion and confirmation certificates. I'll also need a letter of permission from my orginal parish at Queen of Angels church to marry at St. Elizabeth. My fiance will need a copy of his baptism certificate as well.

Shop around for:

1) Wedding Gown (headed to Wedding Row in Temple City, CA, as well as a place in LA where I hear you can find a real trasure for DIRT cheap! I will keep you posted!).

2) Decide on a style for bridesmaids and search for an affordable place  to buy them.

3) Decide on who will be in our wedding party and contact them (We already have our bridesmaids and groomsmen confirmed.At this time, we'l also decide who else will take part in the ceremony.
4) Delegate responsibilities among court.

5) possible photographers -- there's one I have in mind, a photographer I've worked with before. I really like his work and I trust him. Hopefully he's available!

6) Florist - or decide if we really need one. Bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces we're doing ourselves. We'll probably need someone to work on groom's and groomsmen bouts, church decorations and my bouquet (although I'm seriously contemplating going the Trader Joes or Costco route!).

7) Confirm DJ - Yay for family hookups!

8) Wedding Coordinator - Do we really need one? With the church coming with ceremony coordinator and the restaurant taking care of decorations and set up...what else is there for a Day of Coordinator to do? But we definitely need to make sure we keep the day on a tight schedule -- ceremony is at 11 a.m. and our reception venue is reserved until 4 p.m.

9) Hair and Makeup - with our ceremony at 11 a.m. we'll need someone to be able to travel to our location.

10) Work on Save the Dates - We need to send them out by the end of November.

11) Start working on web site.

Non-related wedding items: the fiance, the fam and I saw This is It over the Halloween Weekend. RIP MJ!

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