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I guess you can say that bridal expos have been pretty good to me. I mean, I can't really complain after getting a pretty good deal on my wedding gown and a cool perk for our honeymoon. But let's face it -- most of the services and products pitched at these functions are overpriced or unneccessary crap. You don't need a $500 cupcake stand (just the stand, not the cupcakes) that looks like something out the Amazon rain forest...but if you decide that you do, will it really cost you $500 to make? It's one big commercial, materialistic fest, full of things people try to convince you that you absolutely need.

My biggest gripe against bridal expos would be how they treat the grooms. I've been so blessed to have a fiance who is really involved in the planning process. And, get this, he genuinely wants to be! We're a team and I can honestly tell you we are having a blast so far. My fiance was probably more excited to attend the expo than I was. Seriously, for a straight guy, he can have a queer eye for wedding stuff. But for some reason, no one wanted to give my fiance the time or day.  But as soon as I came to the booth, every vendor fawned over me, trying to pitch their services. My fiance would ask a question and they'd pretend that I was the one who asked. No one would want to make eye contact with him Why would they ignore my fiance? After all, it's his wedding too. We make the decisions together. Nothing is set in stone until we both agree on it.
Ok, a guy at bridal expo is not a common occurrence, and many of them usually walk around with that glazed look over their eyes. But should a guy express interest, don't ignore him while he's the only person standing at your booth, waiting to ask you a question. Maybe vendors think that if they can reel me in to their sales pitch, my fiance has no choice but to give in. Perhaps they've seen enough self-absorbed, gullible bridezillas and their bored, apathetic fiances to figure that they don't need to waste their energy on a guy at a bridal expo. Just get the bride on board and you're set. Because, you know, it's her day.
I think that's all baloney. I'm not going to fall for that. The person who thinks ignoring my fiance is going get them my service is sorely mistaken. I think it just reflects how much the wedding industry is rooted in gender stereotypes. If vendors try to capitalize on that, then how do I know how genuine they really are if they just see me as some bride easily lured by some silly sales gimmick. Puh-leeeze! So, all the grooms out there, even if you don't get any love from the wedding industry, at least your lovely bride loves you! That's all that matters!

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