"Faux-to" Booth

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So you don't have the budget to rent a $1000+ photobooth. And, yes, I've been secretly wanting one, but darn it...why do they have to be so expensive? Well, if you have a Mac computer, a do-it-yourself photo booth can be yours! I saw this video on Youtube, and I thought...this is definitely doable!

Think of it as more of a photo station rather than a booth, but your guests will still have a blast! Hook a photo-printer to the Mac and your guests can print their own keepsake of your wedding day! Read more about this "faux-to" booth here!

$25 GC....for $2?

Hey Budget Brides, if you're looking for a gift to give your wedding party, or maybe a little something to give to people who volunteered their time for your wedding, but you don't have loads of money to shell out for all the little thank you's, why not try a $25 gift certificate at Restaurant.com? Your attendants can use the $25 GC at any restaurant registered with the site, and there are lots to choose from in each region! Great for all the foodies out there...and who doesn't like food? Your party can try out a new restaurant or visit one of their favorites.

But wait....$25? Multiply that by all the people you'd like to give it to and it can still be a chunk out of your budget! Right now you can use the coupon code FLAG and hit Apply at checkout to get 80% off each gift certificate. This makes the $25 gift certificates just $2!

Once you buy the gift certificate you can print it out and your party can use it some time over the next year.

But hurry! Coupon expires May 31, 2010.

Freebie Friday

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It's time for another Freebie Friday! I'll probably be adding more to this post throughout the week as I haven't been doing as much giveaway scouting lately (I've been really busy this past week!) , but here are some giveaways that you can try your luck at!

*Manolo for the Brides is giving away a $50 GC to Dejarnette New Orleans
*Win a $75 Novica GC from An Optimistic Beauty!
* Hope's Cafe is giving away a $50 GC to The Vintage Pearl
* Audrey's Giveaways is also giving one lucky winner a $50 GC to The Vintage Pearl
*The Indie Bride is giving away an ocean pearl beaded necklace
*Win Vintage Bridal Jewelry courtesy of The Recycled Bride
* Audrey's Give Aways is giving away a $20 GC to Vibrant Vows
* Leslie Loves Veggies is also giving away a $75 GC to Novica!
* Win a free bracelet from Pearl Paradise via Review Retreat.

* Bride on a Budget is giving away a bridal clutch from DesignerApparel!
* Win a very cute purse from Morelle via Mint Green with Envy!
* Get $80 credit to Twisted Orchid purses at Growing a Baby in Seattle

Photography and Printing
*I'm hosting a contest, this time it's for a FREE engagement session from Bliss Imagery! Just upload a video of you (and maybe your fiance :) telling me why you deserve a free engagement shoot! The are NO entries as  of yet, so even if I just receive one, that person is a lucky winner! So what are you waiting for??? Enter today!
* Happy Healthy Families is giving away a Vistaprint Photobook!
* Mint Green with Envy is giving away a 12X12 Vistaprint photobook!

Wedding Favors
*Brenda's Wedding Blog is giving one lucky winner a $150 shopping spree to Nai's Wedding Favors!

* Win a CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Frame Starter Pack from CEIVA Logic Inc via Mommy Living the Life of Riley.! (ARV $148)
* Born 2 Impress is giving away an $85 GC to Hapari Swimwear
* Simply Stacie is giving away an Amazon GC
* Enter for $50 GC to Macy's from Engineer a Debtfree Life
* Win a $50 GC to Sears from Engineer a Debtfree Life
* Win a CLC leather portfolio book from Hope's Cafe
* Win a $25 GC to Amazon.com courtesy of Mom to Bed by 8

Vendor Spotlight and GIVEAWAY: Bliss Imagery

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OK, as promised here's our latest giveaway! I have been really excited about our next vendor spotlight and giveaway because 1) he's our very own wedding photographer and a very talented one I might add, 2) you have a chance to win a very awesome prize and 3) this giveaway is a little different than what we've done before! First, let me introduce the subject of our next Vendor Spotlight -- Don Le, part of a two-man team that make up the wedding photgraphy studio Bliss Imagery. He and his partner Nate Fu offer highly stylized photography and videography from a truly photojournalistic perspective. As you might know from an earlier post, Bliss Imagery will be shooting our own wedding in August and we are really honored and lucky to have them for our wedding! Looking at their work, you can see why. Not your usual run-of-the-mill wedding photography, Bliss Imagery offers great angles, truly genuine moments, rich color and texture and amazing perspective. Seriously, major swooning!

What I also loved about Bliss Imagery is that they were willing to customize a package that fit what we wanted while staying within our budget. With an attentive ear and a truly creative eye, I bring you Don from Bliss Imagery!

How did you get involved in photography?
It all started out in high school when I just felt the urge to satisfy something inside of me creatively... especially the visual core of myself. I've always wanted to be a director because I love films, tv, music, cartoons, videogames, and just the medium of visual entertainment as a whole. It always seemed like photography was one extension of that world that I could enter into and continue to evolve and express myself. Expression was the most significant part to me when it came down to photography. Once you get the technicals of it all down pat, the process is that much simpler to express yourself in ways you never thought imaginable.

What made you get into wedding photography?
I love the single fact that I get the chance to experience one of the major milestones, probably THE milestone, in these couple's lives. I'm actually a romance junkie; one of my favorite movies is "The Notebook". If you throw something schmaltzy in front of me, book, movie, music... I'll probably
bawl my big softie eyes out.
I actually never thought that I would ever get into wedding photography, but I was given the chance to photograph a friend's wedding two years ago on a whim. They just asked me do some quick photography and they loved it dearly. After that experience, I had such a great time that I slowly thrust myself headfirst into the art and fell in love. I'm still in love with wedding photography more than ever and am learning about the greatest nuances of it everyday. In time, I just hope to continue to grow the wedding studio with my partner, Nate Fu, into one of the premier outfits in the OC/LA area.

What is your photography style? What would you say makes it unique?
I have a mixture of styles both photojournalistic and traditional. I'm very photojournalistic in the sense that I can blend into the shadows and everybody who sees my pictures afterwards would be surprised, not having remembered me there in the first place. At the same time, I'm traditional because I'm able to work with clients and help pose them. I can work with big groups or one-on-one to make subjects feel comfortable.
My background flows from a love for film, TV, and overall pop culture, as well as producing background in music videos, commercials, short films, etc. All of that contributes to a very cinematic style in my photography and videography. I like to think outside of the box and create products or items that people haven't ever seen before. And if they have seen it before, I want to turn it upside down, shake it, and make it anew.

What would you say would be the most interesting wedding you ever shot? What was it that made it so awesome?
The most interesting wedding I ever shot had to be a yacht wedding with a couple by the name of Peggy and Alee. They are the owners of a couple of Paul Mitchell schools, so naturally, they had the co-creator of Paul Mitchell and Patron, Jean Paul DeJoria, as an MC of the festivities. The whole affair was very much like a lazy Sunday. Everybody was maxing and relaxing (approx. 80 guests), and the Patron was flowing on the boat all night. The couple was very chill, and we just all had a good time. To me, it was not only picture perfect, it was immaculate in the spirit of love.

As a wedding photographer, what are the components you look for that make a great wedding shoot?
I always make sure that I bring my "A" game to every wedding shoot, so everytime I come into a wedding shoot, I intend to create memories that not only I would enjoy, but that the couple could look back on in 40 years and it would remind them of their magical day. As a photographer, I try to make sure that every picture is timeless. It's not about shooting 1000 pictures in the span of an hour. You could hire a monkey to do that. It's more along the lines of figuring out how to compose the shot in a style that moves you. If it compells, shoot it. That's my motto. At the end of the wedding shoot, if I'm still energized by the whole day's worth of photos and am able to look at the pictures afterwards on my computer with a jug of tea, then I'll know that I had a great wedding shoot. I have to be amped up before and after the wedding!

What advice would you give to couples out there as they pick their photographer?
Couples need to look out for three specific components when choosing their photographer: chemistry, innovation, and style.
Chemistry because the couple should be able to click with their photographer. If the couple isn't comfortable being around their photographer, it will reflect in the pictures. That one is key.
Innovation is important because it's important that your photographer constantly strive to improve themselves, their craft, and their vision on things. A wedding photographer who's been doing it for years upon years becomes complacent, almost lazy in their vision of weddings. For every photographer, a wedding with a new couple should always bring a new energy and unique vantage point. If the photographer's portraits start looking like other photographers you've scouted, walk away because your photos are going to look exactly like their other clients' pictures.
Lots of photographers tend to copy each other's styles. You deserve a fresh, raw outlook on your wedding;
not the cookie cutter treatment.
Lastly, style is something that you should able to spot from the very get go. It's just that visually tangible something that makes their work stand out to the point where your jaw just drops and you're unable to describe how you feel about the work as a whole. You have to be able to appreciate their style, color scheme, framing, otherwise, there's a sea of photographers out there waiting to cater to your hopes, memories, and wedding dreams!

Now, onto our GIVEAWAY!
Bliss Imagery is giving one lucky couple a free engagement session! Wow your guests with great photos for your Save the Dates, invitations or photos at your reception. Also, these would be precious images to keep for years to come!

 * All photos by Bliss Imagery
This contest is open to US and International residents. If the winner lives outside of the Los Angeles/Orange County area, winner must pay travel and/or lodging expenses for the photographer. Contestants must not have already booked a photographer for their wedding. Session can not be scheduled on a day Don is already booked. Session must be scheduled no later than Janurary 2011.

OK, I said this is going to be different!

1) To enter, follow me on Google Friend Connect. Then grab a camera or anything with a video recording device and tell us why you and your fiance would make a great engagement shoot. You can tell us anything you want -- how you and your fiance met, how you got engaged, your favorite hobbies, your favorite places...anything! The most creative, interesting or compelling video (really, the video with major "awwwwww" factor) wins!

2) If you don't already have one, set up a Youtube account. Upload your video to your Youtube channel.

3) Come back to this post and comment with a link to your youtube video. You must comment back on this page with a link to your video or your entry will not count!

4) I will favorite the video and you can view all the videos entered into the contest in the My Favorites section of my channel

5) You must complete steps 1-4 or your entry will not count!

This contest will close 11:59 PM, Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Remember, have fun with it! You and your fiance are the directors and stars! Good luck!!!

* I received no monetary compensation or product for this review or giveaway. The views expressed in this feature are truly my own observations.

Wedding Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha

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One of my favorite artists is Art Nouveau icon Alphonse Mucha. The Czech artist is renowned for his ethereal, sensual portraits of women. His paintings captured each woman's natural grace and beauty in their long cascading tresses and flowing frocks. In college, I would plaster his work all over my dormroom walls, admiring how each woman seemed free and confident; feminine yet bold.

And what great inspiration for a vintage wedding! Think warm colors of gold, purple and green. Think bohemian chic with long, natural hair and lots of flowers. Think empire waist gowns evoking turn of the century vintage chic!


Freebie Friday

* Win a $100 GC to Headpiece Heaven or Vintage Bridal Jewelry from Everything Up Close.
* Win a free swimsuit from Two of a Kind and Hapari
* The One is giving away 100 free tees from Bridal Party Tees!

* Win a 16X20 canvas print from Largeformatposters.com via Luv My 2 Girls
* I know you probably see a bunch of giveaways for 100 free postcards, but if you don't already have your STDs, Thank You cards, or even bridal shower or rehearsal dinner invites, you should definitely enter all the postcard or printing giveaways you can. It will definitely save you a lot! Here's one: 100 free postcards from Uprinting via Wee Share

Jewelry and Accessories
* The B Keeps us Honest is giving away a $75 GC to Novia
* An Island Life is giving away a $50 GC to Initials, Inc

* Girl with a Ring is giving away bronzer from Clinique

* Win Prizes galore at the Budget a Weddings. It's the blog's official launch so what way to celebrate than with a fantastic giveaway?
*$40 GC to Walmart via The Snyder 5.
* A $35 GC to Jiffy Lube from Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
* You know the guys in your party will love this...win a $35 GC to Jiffy Lube via Guide to Surviving Motherhood! 2 winners!
* YachtCandy.com is giving away a $100 GC to Nautica
* Win a $15 GC to itunes or WalMart courtesy of Jodibee Designs

Upcoming giveaway

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I just wanted to give all my lovely readers a heads up on a special giveaway I'm hosting very soon. Here's a little teaser:

All photos by Bliss Imagery

Stay Tuned!

Up and away!

For those who've seen the film Up!, this one's for you! And if you haven't, rent it now! Worth it for the tear-jerking beginning scenes!

Very Superstitious!

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There are a couple wedding superstitions we're keeping in mind. I am wearing a sixpence in my shoe (Thanks, Mon Amour Boutique!) and the FH refuses to see my gown until I'm walking down the aisle (nope, no First Look shots for us!) But there is one superstition I just don't get!

Along with making my veil and the flower girl dresses, my aunt is so kindly altering my wedding gown. She did afterall work as a seamstress in a wedding dress factory! Yes, I do feel really grateful for relatives offering their convenient services! But what's not so convenient in this case is my aunt's strongly held Filipino wedding superstition -- I'm not supposed to wear my wedding gown until the day of the wedding! That means no fittings before then. Ummm...not going to happen!

I've told my aunt too late, I've already tried on the dress. But she refuses to work on it with me in it! It's bad luck, she says! You see, in the Philippines, dresses were always custom made. The seamstress would take the bride's measurements so it was a good chance the bride wouldn't need a whole lot of alterations come wedding day. But this superstition doesn't bode well here where most dresses come in standard sizes! What will be truly bad luck is an ill-fitting wedding gown!

So what's a girl to do? Luckily, because I have tried on the gown before, I know what alterations need to be done. Nothing major, just a tightening of the shoulder straps, which my aunt can do in 10 mins. But this situation still doesn't ease my mind!

Are you adhering to any wedding superstitions? If so, which ones and why?

Winner of the 6 oz. Champagne Toasting Flutes!

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Yay! We have another winner! This time our lucky winner gets a pairs of customized engraved champagne toasting flutes!
Who is she?
 Lindsay who tweeted about the giveaway!

Congratualtions, Lindsay! I'll be emailing you soon and you three days to respond with your mailing address.

Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway! I have more planned in the coming weeks so stay tuned!
* Don't forget to enter my current giveaway for a $15 GC to Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls

Our Semi-Homemade Invitations

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Well, our invitations are finally done! We put 60 cent postage on each of them (not excited about the ugly 10 cent stamps the post office gave us) and sent them on their way. I think it's safe to say that I'm happy to see them go!

Not to say that I don't love our invites. I'm actually really pleased about the way they turned out...overall. From the very beginning, I knew that stationery was low on my list. Not that I don't appreciate a nice piece of pretty paper, I just don't think spendng $700 on an invite that most people will discard after the wedding is worth it. But I did know I that I wanted something decent to send to our guests.

At first I had visions of making our invites from scratch...like purchasing our cardstock wholesale and assembling our own trifold invites. That would have been truly homemade! But considering my limited crafting skills, I knew that was never going to happen. So we purchased 3 DIY invitation kits at Michaels for $26 each (thanks to 40% off coupons!). There were 30 ivory and gold invitations in each box, and I only needed 60, but it turned out I really needed those extras for the "oopsies"...and there were many! Being a complete crafty novice, I should have kept it as simple as possible. The kits and the instructions are pretty simple. Grab the templates online and just print. Easy peasy, huh?

But no, I just had to take it a step further and emboss images onto the envelope! The invites are nice as they are, but our colors are purple and gold...where was the purple? We chose a cute floral stamp from Michaels to dress the front of the envelope. Using a monogram design from Custom Printables, I created a stamp and ordered it via Rubberstampchamp.com. I loved the customized design Valerie from Custom Printables made for us (more from her in a later post), but transferred onto a stamp was a different story. The stamp from Rubberstampchamp.com was made slightly lopsided, thus my many discarded "error" envelopes!

The embossing process took much longer than I had anticipated -- stamping each envelope with purple embossing ink, shaking purple embossing powder over the stamped image and heating the image. Long, tedious and pretty messy when going through 60 envelopes! But in the end, we came out with some pretty neat purple images to go along with our color scheme. We also purchased purple ribbon to replace the ivory ones.

My sister and her husband helped us with the printing since they had a better, faster printer. This part took us a lot longer (insert all-nighter here) because the main, front card didn't have enough room for reception information. So we created another card to glue onto the right flap, as well as another card for our menu items. We also made even more edits to our invitation wording and format (thanks to the extra eyes that helped us!) FYI. if you're planning to do any of your own printing, make sure you have a good, fast printer! Nothing sucks more than watching your printer slowly print. It's like watching grass grow!

My FH was insistent that we should write out each of our guests' addresses to make our invites more personal. At first, I wanted to kill him...seriously? Who has the time and talent to do that for all 60 of our invites? Since we have no money for a calligrapher, and our penmanship is craptastic, I printed out our addresses in a nice cursive font in very light ink on our address labels and traced them over with a purple pen. Haha! Calligraphy issue solved! They actually came out pretty nice, and we received some nice comments about the labels. No one seemed to notice we cheated ;)

So in the end, I got the trifold envelope invitations I wanted, my FH got the handwritten addresses he wanted, and we have the cute invites we're really pleased with for a reasonable price.

However, we did go over our budget with the invites. We budgeted only $150, but with the toner we had to purchase for the printer and the extra materials for the embossing, we came out to nearly $200 (including postage). Had I not made so many newbie mistakes, that number would have been more like $150 or even less! Oh well, live and learn.

I love that our invites were made by us, and yes, I do feel more of a connection to them. The more I look at them, the more I think, wow, we made those! It was a true DIT project (Do-it-Together). But considering the time, money and labor that went into them...I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon!

So...did you make your own invitations? How did the process go? Did you enjoy it?

(FYI: If you want to save money on postage, make sure your invitations are flat and lightweight. We were warned that the knots from each ribbon in our invites created a bump and might cause some invites to be rejected when cancelled through the machine. I wanted to be sure our invitations went through, hence the more expensive postage.)

Freebie Friday

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* Win a silver block print monogram mini for you or your bridesmaid from Merci New York!
* Win a genuine pearl necklace from Pearl Paradise via The Adventures of Paul and Natalie
* Enter for a pair of earrings from Silpada Designs. Ends (5/18)

*Win a Uprinting Canvas Print from All Because Two People Fell in Love
* Bless their Hearts is also giving away a Uprinting Canvas print!
* Broken Teepee is giving away 100 custom brochures from Digital Room
* Bride on a Budget is also giving away 100 free brochures!

* Win a purse from Twitsted Orchid via All Ruby Cakes!

* Win a gift basket of handmade bath and beauty products from Elegant Roase Boutiue via Audrey's Giveaways.
*3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires is giving away a family organizer and a $25 Target GC!
* Win a $50 Visa GC at A Nut in a Nutshell
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Vendor Spotlight and GIVEAWAY: Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls

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If you've been following my blog for awhile you'll know that I love pearls! Pearls go great with any wedding day style--from classy vintage to a more modern look. And when the opportunity to review and host a giveaway from our next sponsor came up, I jumped at the chance! Really, the name of the shop really says it all. Etsy shop Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls is your place to find classy, genuine pearl jewelry with a handmade touch all at affordable and reasonable prices. Bonnie from Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls makes all of her jewelry with the best quality materials, including genuine cultured pearls and Swarovski crystals. Her sets of bridal inspired jewelry will make any wedding day ensemble really shine!

As the host of this giveaway, I received a pair of silver and white freshwater pearl earrings from Bonnie and I love the delicate beauty of the pair. The pearls exude a lovely shine that only great quality, genuine pearls can give off. I can see myself wearing the pair at a formal occassion or rocking it with a pair of jeans. That's a huge plus for me--elegant, affordable jewelry that can be worn again and again!

Don't forget to check out Bonnie's jewelry sets! Not only would these pieces go very well for wedding day or even in your everyday jewelry collection, they make wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids.

So who puts the dazzle in Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls? All the way from Cincinnati, meet Bonnie!

What sparked your interest in creating jewelry?
I am a very crafty person since childhood. I have always loved to make stuff and wanted to run a business of my own. While taking maternity leave, I took some jewelry making classes where I made very beautiful items using unique techniques. It was so much fun! From thereon, I have decided to run a jewelry shop online. My dream is to one day quit my day job and focus on what I love to do.

How long have you been creating jewelry?
Over a year.

What words would you use to describe your work?
Elegant styles with high quality. Dazzling yet affordable. I only use the finest quality material while making jewelry pieces. I have very sensitive skin. Almost all my earrings are finished with 925 sterling silver earring hooks.

Which pieces of your jewelry would you say would be perfect for weddings? Why?

 Among all, this is my most favorite bridal creations.
This necklace and earring set looks very simple and elegant. They won’t over power the beauty of any bride. Yet the sparkles emitted from the Swarovski crystals are incredibly blinding. The back drops add a touch of fanciness and subtlety. It’s perfect for any bride. The wires are 925 sterling silver. Please see feedbacks on this jewelry set on Etsy.com under seller name “thebinster2009”.

Tell us one interesting tidbit about your jewelry.
My daughter is a night owl. She usually doesn’t go to bed till after mid-night. All my jewelry pieces were created after she went to bed at night. I tend to work till 3 or 4 am to finish a design. Creation is my outlet these days and I love it.

Which piece is your favorite and why?
In addition to the above mentioned, other favorite jewelry sets of mine are shown below. When you see them, you will know why. They’re just so beautiful and unique, aren’t they?

Any advice for brides-to-be out there?
No need to over spend for exaggerated glamour. All you need is simply taste.

Links where we can find out more of your work:

The Giveaway
Bonnie is giving one lucky winner a $15 gift certificate to her store!

The Rules1) MANDATORY ENTRY! Go to Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls Etsy shop and comment on your favorite item for one entry. This is mandatory! Contestants who do not do this will be disqualified. Remember to leave your email address or some way to contact you with each entry!

Additional entries (remember to leave separate comments for each additional entry)

2) Become a new follower of this blog. You must follow publicly (1 entry)
3) Are currently a follower of my blog (2 entries)
4) Become a facebook fan of “I Do” Budget Weddings (2 entries)
5) Blog about the contest and include a link to the giveaway. Each entrant must also include a link to Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls in their post (3 entries) Please include a direct link to your blog post in your comment.
6) Heart Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls on Etsy (3 entries)
7) Buy anything from Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls  (5 entries)
8) Follow “I Do” Budget Weddings on Twitter (1 entry)
9) Tweet on this giveaway and include a link to this giveaway in your tweet (1 entry)
10) Grab my button and place it on your blog (1 entry)
11) Subscribe to "I Do" Budget Weddings emails (1 entry)

The deadline to enter this contest is 11:59 p.m., Thursday, May 27, 2010 (PST). A winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck!

*As the host of this giveaway, I received a pair of earrings from Dazzling Jewelry and Pearls. The views expressed in this post are my honest observations of the product.

Cartoon Maps

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , | 3 comments

I love cartoon maps as they add a lot of fun character to your wedding location. Our wedding will be the Pasadena area so my sister (defintely the one with better artistic skills) drew one for us!

Adorable! I love how she added icons of area landmarks!

We Google Mapped the area to figure out key locations, but trying to convert it to a drawing was actually a little harder than it looks. Well, at least that's what my sister says, and her being an animation major in college, I believe her! Good thing I didn't attempt this myself as I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler without messing up!

We'll place this map on our Web site with directions and we may print some out to hand out to our OOT guests. Thank you, sister!

Freebie Friday

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*Chic N Cheap is giving away a free birdcage veil!
* Get an adorable fascinator from Ink and Button via Ever Ours.
* Get a $100 GC from The Men's Wearhouse at An Islan Life. Your groomsmen will love you!

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* Etsy It Up is giving away a $40 GC to You Are My Sunshine
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* An Island Life is giving away a pair of diamond stud earrings from Kohl's

* A fellow blogger is giving away 100 free invitations courtesy of Vistaprint! Check out details at Shanna & Brandon's blog.
*Need Thank You cards? Heavenly Savings is giving away 50 TY cards from Uprinting

* Jewelry, a fab top, a gorgeous clutch and more at Globetrotting in Heels!
* Ahhh, lingerie...a lil something for after the wedding? ;) The Mom Reviews is giving away a $50 GC to Lingerie.com 
* Win a $25 GC to Ruche via All Ruby Cakes!
* Win ecofriendly custom wedding totes from The Wedding Chicks
* Win a Ceiva Digital Photo Frame via Jabbering Jessi
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Winner of the Office of Minor Details Giveaway

Thursday, May 6, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , | 1 comments

No, I haven't forgotten about our winner of The Office of Minor Details giveaway. I realize this is quite delayed, but things have been quite busy lately. Not only have I picked up more hours at work, but we are in the midst of putting together our DIY invitations! Not an easy process for crafty wannabes like my FH and I, but it's coming together (nervously laughs). Of course, I'll write a post about that process later with photos! And, yes, today is no exception to the craziness...It's my birthday!!!! Woohoo! Lookin' forward to that ice cream cake!

But now, let's get to our winner!

And our winner is Elena who friended me on facebook and now has a sweet New Zealand kid leather wallet from The Office of Minor Details! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you soon. I must hear from you within 3 days, or I'll have to pick another winner.

I have more giveaways lined up, including one this weekend! Stay Tuned!
* Of course, don't forget about my current giveaway -- engraved toasting flutes from PictureIt Creations!

Choosing the veil

Monday, May 3, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , , | 5 comments

Ahhh, the bridal veil. Growing up, nothing said "bride" more to me than the veil. Sure, I'm aware of the gripes some women have with the veil, but the mysogynistic origins is so far from what I really love about it. For me, it's purely aesthetic -- I love the gorgeous dramatic effect of cascading tulle and lace, and you know, I'll only get to wear that once! For me, there's only one kind of veil I want--the cathedral length veil. I dunno, I saw Sound of Music when I was little and I was hooked. Give me a veil as long as Fraulein Maria's!

Really, How stunning is this?
But...the price of a mere accessory is hazardous to my blood pressure! Seriously, for the life of me, I can't figure out how a veil made mostly of tulle can cost nearly as much as the gown!

Future Hubby: Do not read any further, unless you want to ruin the surprise!