Woooah! We're halfway theeere!

Sunday, March 7, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , |

I have a line of an overplayed Bon Jovi song in my head. Yes, we are "halfway there," as Mr. Bon Jovi sings on "Living on a Prayer." We have folded 500 paper cranes! 500 in five weeks! As you know, we're donating our cranes to the Wedding Co., who are putting 50 cents per crane they receive from an engaged/married couple toward cancer research. We're not having any favors, but we thought this would be a great replacement for our time and energy. It took plenty of hours, weekends spent watching movies with our pieces of paper and teamwork, but we're getting there! At this pace, we'll fold our goal of 1,000 paper cranes by May! Success is within our reach!

But once we'll have folded our 1000 paper cranes...what do we do with them? I envisioned our little birdies hanging from the ceiling at our reception, like a flock of white birds flying overhead...but with limited time and manpower, how do we hang them in a quick, efficient, yet impressive display?

I though about stringing them up in several large mobiles or chandeliers:

But...we've never done anything like this before. I don't even know what materials we would need or how to use them. We're not crafty people and this could be a massive DIY fail...any suggestions?

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