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I cringe when I think about our first dance. The FH and I are rhythmically challenged, to put it mildly. I'm the kind of person who'll get her ass on the dancefloor when there are a ton of people, and the lights are down real low. To think that all eyes will be on us for 5 minutes or so is nervewrecking!
Not only that, but the FH and I have different tastes in music. I'm an alternative, singer/songwriter type of gal, he's into hip hop and R&B. Since I don't really see Radiohead as a first dance number, we thought we'd go classic or oldies.

So what to do? I've seen some really clever and entertaining first dances. But sorry, I don't really see the FH and I busting out with swing or re-enacting Dirty Dancing (No one puts Baby in the corner!). We're not showboating type of people. I think full-on choreographed, theatrical dance numbers are way out of our capabilities or budget. For us, why bother? Why worry about whether our routine is funny or entertaining? Why don't we...just dance? Amazing concept, huh? Why complicate it?

I always thought first dances were shared between the couple and everyone else just kind of got to stand by and watch it. I never really thought first dances had to be...a show.

Sure, watching two people swaying awkwardly might be a kinda boring 5 minutes. We definitely don't want to look like two stiff middle school kids. We wanted something meaningful and worthwhile. We thought of going the funny route, but when we youtubed "funny first dance," well, most of them came out cheesy and stiff, rather than funny. I guess that happens when you're not a natural ham, which I know I'm not (goofy and awkward, yes, a natural comedic talent, no.)

Then my sister and MOH, who has a lovely voice, asked if she can sing at our wedding. She suggested "At Last" the classic Etta James number that has been my favorite for years (I even have it on vinyl...I'm not that old, but I saw it in a vintage shop and I had to have it!). It's a pretty popular first dance song, but I love it, and it's a song my FH and I actually agreed on. Then I thought, why doesn't my sister sing during our first dance! OK, some of you might think this sounds familiar, but if it worked for the Obamas, why not?

See, no scripted moves, no theatrics, just two people in love and in the moment. It's as if no one in the room exists but them...and people look really touched and honored to have witnessed that. I admit, the Obamas have way more rhythm than we do (yeah, we're that bad), which would mean we'll need some practice, but other than that, I think our first dance issue is solved!
Have you decided on your first dance? What song are you dancing to?

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Miss Love said...

I am nervous about the first dance too. I do not want everyone staring at us. To alleviate some anxiety, I think I will choose an upbeat song to dance to instead of a slow song. That way, we can just act silly and have fun. I doubt I will care who is staring then.

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