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There's been something I've been putting off that I'm not too proud of. I haven't been exercising. It was my New Year's resolution and nearly four months later, I haven't really resolved anything. I'm not trying to get in shape just for the wedding, but for piece of mind and health. I used to be a pretty active person -- I ran a half marathon and went to the gym at least four times a week, but these past few months, I haven't been very motivated to work out. Why? When I graduated from grad school, my university gym membership expired and I never went out to look for a new membership. You can certainly work out without a gym membership, but for someone who needs motivation and accountability, it's not so easy for me. It's easier to put on your gym clothes and head to the gym when you know you're paying for it. Two, I tend to be big procrastinator. There's always tomorrow, right?

Well, tomorrow starts today. It was especially humbling when my niece patted my stomach and asked me if I was pregnant (kids say the darnest things!) and the FH discovered his BMI was in the "poor" range. With the wedding four months away (yikes!), the future hubs and I decided to start our married life together by getting into a new routine. We decided to stick to a workout schedule and even purchased a gym membership together. LA Fitness was having a grand opening special for a new location and we purchased ours for a $29.99 initiation fee and $29.99/month (we can cancel anytime after the 2nd month). We also resolved to eat out less and cut out fast food.

Our goals? He wants to lose 25 pounds. Me? I'm not too concerned with losing weight. I just want to be in shape, tone up and feel more energized (which I'm sure will result in weight loss). We sat down, looked at our schedules and drew up a realistic plan. It's a little harder for the FH (with work and school, his schedule is a bit cramped as it is). But he's choosing to look at workout time as another scheduled event in his week, like class and work--not just something he wants to do, but has to do. I'm excited to get to do what I always used to love--swimming, yoga and kickboxing. Wish us luck with our fitness goals!

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Miss Love said...

I am trying to work out as well. Jillian Michael's 30 day shred is a good gym alternative also when you can't make it. Good luck reaching your fitness goal!

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