Surprise! She's pregnant!

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A couple weeks ago, I found out some exciting news. One of my bridesmaids is expecting her first child! I'm really excited for her and her husband. What's funny is that when I share the news to other people, and they realize a very pregnant woman will be in my court, they give me this sorry look.

What are you going to do? Are you ok with it?

Of course I'm OK with it! It's not like she's fallen ill with some disease! She's having a baby and that should be even more cause for celebration! But I understand that some brides might be disappointed, in a sort of self-centered bridezilla type of way. Like, omigod, all eyes are going to be on her and not me! Or some brides may fear a pregnant woman won't fit in the chosen bridesmaid attire. I've heard a bride oust a pregnant bridesmaid because she'll be "too fat!" Of course, I don't really see it that way, (especially the whole "fat" issue) but most people assume that a pregnant bridesmaid is a serious obstacle. Even my bridesmaid was hesitant to tell me in fear that I would get upset! I'm not, but I do realize that there might be a couple of issues to deal with.

First, does this change how the expectant bridesmaid feels about being in the bridal party? Some women might feel a bit self-consious about their changing bodies and may not want to draw attention to themselves (even it just means a short walk down the aisle). I have to admit, it would disappoint me if that's the reason someone I really wanted to be in my court wanted to drop out, but I also I realize I can't change how women may feel about their bodies. While I can reassure them that I don't care and they'll look beautiful regardless, it's really up to them.

Second, if you've chosen a form-fitting, sleek gown for all of your bridesmaids, and you're really adamant that all your bridesmaids wear this style, this might be a problem for your expectant bridesmaid. Perhaps she won't feel comfortable in the selected style. Luckily, I told my bridesmaids that they can pick any dress they wanted, just as long as it was plum purple, tea length and satin. Each dress will reflect each bridesmaid's style and body-type, including one with a bun in oven ;)

But we are hitting a bit of snag here because we're not sure what size to look for. Many of the maternity sizes are based off of present measurements, and we don't know how what size she'll be by the time of the wedding. Since we have to order in advance, it seems we'll have to guestimate. I've also read that once a woman is past four months along, a maternity gown is best rather than a larger-sized bridesmaid gown. But many of the maternity gowns look...oh, how shall we say it? Rather muumuu-ish? Just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean she loses her sense of style!

 So far, my search for a stylish, tea-length maternity bridesmaid gown has turned a few possible styles:

Alfred Sung

Bill Levkoff

Alfred Angelo
Very nice! Anyone know of any lines that carry stylish, but affordable maternity bridesmaid gowns? Anyone have tips on gown sizing for expectant bridesmaids? Let me know!


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Congrats to your bridesmaid! That's very exciting1 She's going to look gorgeous in your wedding.

A lot of bridal stores carry belly pillows, so ask for one in the size that your bridesmaid will be during the wedding. So if she's going to be 6 months along, ask her to try on the dress with a 6 month pillow. That will help estimate her size better.

Dutch Bride said...

That's wonderful news. I'm glad you're happy for her and not (secretly) spiteful. The dresses you've shown are beautiful. :)
I hope she will feel well and that she will be able to enjoy your day.

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