Winner of the Tux and Tulle Giveaway and 1000 paper cranes!

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Before I get to the winner of our Tux and Tulle giveaway, I am pleased to announce...we folded our 1000th paper crane this past weekend! Woohoo! It took us 10 weeks (100 cranes a week) to get to our goal! We're sooo exited! We will be hanging them at our reception venue and sending them to the Wedding Co., who will donate 50 cents per crane to cancer research after the wedding. The cranes they receive around the world will go into a massive chandelier that will be displayed at an art exhibit in Toronto. The effort and donation will take the place of our favors. We're going to make a card at each seat explaining the cultural meaning of cranes (the Chinese believe they're a symbol of longevity. Legend has it, a couple who folds a 1000 cranes is granted 1000 years good luck!), as well as Wedding Co.'s donation to cancer research. Now we're trying to figure out the best way to hang them -- chandeliers or string them up like streamers across the ceiling rafters?

Now onto our giveaway! We had a lot of great comments for the free neck tie from Tux and Tulle and the winner is...

Shanna! Congratulations! You have three days to respond to my email!

Many more awesome giveaways to come, so stay tuned! You still have time to enter Office of Minor Detail's New Zealand Wallet giveaway -- a great gift for your groomsmen!


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Congrats on getting your cranes done!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That's awesome about the cranes!

Shanna said...

I cannot wait to see a pic (be sure you take one!) of how you display all of the cranes! It is going to look amazing...and what a great cause! I know that definitely took some dedication! So excited that I struck the jackpot again on your blog! Thanks girl...I emailed you.

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