Happy Easter! Winner of the BellaLu and Me giveaway!

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I know it's probably late and most you are probably in bed, but here in the west coast, we still have about 40 minutes left of Easter Sunday...so, I just wanted to say I hope you had wonderful Easter holiday! Today, I was reminded of things to be grateful for..including have a new, extended family to look forward to when the FH and I tie the knot. But honestly, after being together for 8 years as a dating couple, we already feel part of each other's family!

As you might know from earlier posts, the FH and I come from differing religious backgrounds (he's Mormon and I'm Catholic), so we both took part in each other's services. Today was spent with sunrise service with his parents, homemade breakfast with my parents, lunch with his family, then both families attended Easter Mass together, followed by a yummy Chinese dinner with both families! It was great to share in this holiday together, without feeling the pressure of having to choose which side to spend the day with.

But before I sign off for the night, I thought I should reveal the winner of our BellaLu and Me earrings giveaway! We had a great turnout for this contest and I truly enjoyed reading all of your comments. I do need remind you, though, that you must follow each rule carefully or your entry will not count. If an item is worth two entries or more, you must make separate comments for however amount that item is worth (ex: 2 entries=2 comments). Also, you must complete the mandatory entry before you can post additional entries! I had to disqualify several people because of invalid entries.

And the winner is...

Hehe...I love chocolate bunnies!

Victoria who said: "I'm a current follower (1)"

Congratulations and enjoy your lovely pair of earrings, Victoria! If you didn't win, don't fret! I have some awesome current and future giveaways for you! Keep checking back on my blog for your chance to win!


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Thanks! Mine was designed by Shay from Dumplin Design Studio! She did a great job!

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