20% off Converse!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: , , , |

I love Converses, but gone are the days when I used to purchase them for a mere $24. They were shoes I would wear for my shift at my undergrad job at the campus cafeteria. They were shoes I would buy because they were the only shoes I could afford. Now? They're twice as much as the price I used to purchase them for!

But they're everywhere now, and they're hot items for wedding parties. At more than $40 a pair, they can be quite expensive if you plan on purchasing them for your groomsmen. But get this, Converse is having a 20% off sale (including regular and sale prices). Just type in CHUCKS17 for the coupon code. The end of the sale is unknown so grab 'em while it lasts!

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Think Thin Thoughts said...

Thanks for the tip!
I told my fiance so we could get it for the groomsmen and he's thinking about it-- so highly useful!!!

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