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I must admit, being anywhere near our budget would not be possible without the help of our friendors--friends/family who are offering their services at a extremely discounted price or even free. We feel really fortunate and blessed that people are willing to do that for us. But while discussing budget weddings with a former bride, she said that she wouldn't consider our wedding as a budget wedding.

You're getting a lot of help from your family and friends, she sniffed. That doesn't count.

But why wouldn't that count?

As a budget bride, you have to be resourceful. It's always a good thing to maximize your resources. You're likely to get a better deal and service from people you know. If they're willing to help you out (and be careful, make sure your friendors will help you more than hinder), then why not? Also, talk to friends and family about people they know. Chances are they may know of a really good baker, or a place where they ordered affordable bridesmaid dresses, or a gorgeous venue.

But we wanted to be careful when we approached our friendors. We didn't want to appear we're asking for handouts, but at the same time we wanted to negotatiate the best possible price. We never asked for anything for free unless they offered. If we knew we were being offered a really awesome deal, we didn't push it further. We believe friendship or good family ties are worth more than the extra money we may haved saved.

Some of the items provided by our friendors include:
-Alterations and custom-made veil (done by my aunt)
- DJ and MC (by two of our friends)
- Choir (my sister sings in her church choir and a few of her choir-members agreed to sing at our ceremony)
- Engagement session and STD's (A friend shot our lovely engagement session and designed our Save the Dates!)
 -Day-of Coordinator (a friend of my MOH)
- Discounted photography and videography (a friend from work does awesome wedding photography and gave us a sweet deal!)
- A great deal on a Samoan dance group to perform at our reception. (Through our MOH)
- Friends and family are also helping with transportation, cooking (for our rehearsal dinner) and floral arrangements.

Are friends and family helping with wedding day festivities? Who are your friendors?

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Kate said...

I wish! We just don't know many people who can help us with much. Plus, we don't live near either family, which definitely diminishes the pool of connections to draw from. My best friend is doing the flowers, which is helping a lot. I count myself lucky for just her!

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