Budget Honeymoon tips for Kauai

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Waimea Canyon, Kauai (via Pacific Bride Guide)
Just got some really helpful traveling tips from Tara at Pacific Bride Guide. I emailed her a few days ago asking her about budget-friendly suggestions for Kauai where the FH and I are honeymooning. As you might know, Hawaii is one expensive place ($4 for a gallon of milk!). While we got a deal for our airfare, condo and rental car, I wondered how we could make the best of our limited budget while on the island. Tara offered some great inexpensive, and even free ideas--including kayaking and hiking the gorgeous Na Pali coast! Also, how can you visit Kauai without heading out to the breathtaking Waimea Canyon?

Read more about Tara's tips on honeymooning in Kauai on a budget! Thanks, Tara!

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lilDdownunder said...

Have you been to Kauai before? If not, be on the look out for the shrimp trucks who do amazing lunch and dinner for cheap. I've also noticed you can find all the souvenir stuff you'd get at tourist places for much cheaper at Kmart or Walmart (forget which is on the island). One of the authors from one of the cooking websites I read just went to Kauai and shared a bunch of inexpensive but delicious places to eat all over the island (I remember one suggestion was at the golf course at Poipu for big and yummy breakfasts) and if I can remember which blog it was on, I will send you the link. I love Kauai! There are some interesting caves to see and you can just walk 10 minutes up the Kalalua Trail and get some amazing views of the coast and down to the ocean at Ke'e Beach which is at the end of the road if you keep driving from Princeville. After getting an hour surf lesson you can also rent boards by the hour or day from the Nukumoi Surf shop in Poipu for a fun, tiring, and pretty inexpensive day. For a really nice night out and a big splurge, you should hit up the Beach House at sunset-http://www.the-beach-house.com/ incredible food and incredible views! Anyway, that's just my two cents :)

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