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Nowadays, it seems like "affordable" and "centerpieces" just don't fit in the same sentence anymore. That's what it felt like early in our planning, when it seemed like the only worthy centerpieces were $100 or more. Try $300 each for the manzanita arrangement one florist quoted me at. When I asked for something cheaper, the florist showed me what $25 a centerpiece would get me...four daisies in a tiny glass vase wrapped with a ribbon. Really? I can make that for just under $10! But after doing some research and scouring the Net, I saw that with a few items, and relatively less dent to your wallet, you can make "Wow" centerpieces for your wedding!

It's amazing what candles can do. 
I was really inspired by this Wedding Bee post. With glass votives from IKEA and Molokai plumerias from Hawaii, one bride created this gorgeous look for just $25 a piece!

Go au naturale
Sometimes less is more! A minimilist, simple look can create that modern chic vibe.


I heart cymbidium orchids!

Sea Shells
Some sand, sea shells, a candle and a glass vase creates this beach themed centerpiece.

Potted plants
For the bride who lacks time for arranging (morning brides out there?) or the budget for a florist, potted plants can be the answer. And really, some plants don't need a whole lot of dressing up. We're ordering a bulk of potted orchids from the LA Flower Mart, and with a bamboo vase and some extra moss and flowers to cover the base, we're done! Easy Peasy!

Why not dress up those few daisies with fruit. They add a vibrant, colorful and surprising touch to your centerpieces!

 Get Bookish
I've always loved the idea of books being the centerpiece, especially old, weathered vintage books. You can purchase these from any used bookstore or even scope them out at thrift stores where you can buy them for a steal! And if you're a true bookworm like me, you've just added a few classic treasures to your library!

Lanterns create the mood
I love lanterns, and they work best for evening outdoor weddings or venues where the lights are set down low. What a romantic ambiance!

Moroccan lanterns
You can actually order these for a few dollars each, and with a few clustered together, they look very classy and wordly.

Paper Luminaries

Maybe not for dining table centerpieces, but great accessories for say a walkway or guestbook table. And they're pretty cheap and easy to make!

Photo Frame Lanterns
Give your lanterns a personalized feel. Very easy to DIY, too!

Any other affordable centerpiece ideas? Please, share!


Miss Love said...

Those are all beautiful ideas and wonderful alternatives to floral centerpieces. I love the first centerpiece of candles! Dreamy!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I have the sea shell/sand centerpeice saved as a favorite as well as some of the other candle inspiration photos you posted. All are very great ideas!

Shelby said...

I love picking out centerpieces! These are great ideas! :)

Bonnie Joy said...

good ideas :) for ours I am collecting large pretty jam jars then ordering big bunches of dried lavender from a nearby farm. They look so pretty tied with a bit of lace!

Heidi said...

I found the 'rock and candle' centerpiece the other day, looking for fall decor...

- I blog for a freetrade, Indian textile company and used your idea in a piece I just did for Thanksgiving table ideas.

Thought you'd like to know! Keep up the beautiful work.

Here's the link if you're interested:


Wilson said...

what an exciting experience!/hilarious! Delightful! True!
Potted Plants

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