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Merry Christmas everyone! Wow, it's Christmas, already???? Just thought I'd post an entry for all those looking for something a little different to wear on their wedding day.

I had seriously thought about wearing a vintage wedding dress, but decided I wanted something a little more modern and formal for my gown. But I do love vintage! In fact, I'm thinking of wearing one of my own cream-colored mod 60s dress (a vintage shop find) for my rehearsal dinner. Retro chic is all the rage in the wedding world, but if you don't have time to scour all the vintage shops in your area, check out Vintageous -- an online source for all things vintage. The site offers a selection of wedding dresses with most selling below $300, but the items regularly sell out. These are pretty much one-of-a-kind dresses. Wait too long, you'll see a red SOLD on your dream dress.

I was in heaven checking out all the styles. Here are the wedding styles (or those that can pass as a wedding gown :) still available at the time of this posting.

This 50s wedding dress is so adorable! And it comes with a cute bolero jacket. $179

Looking for a full-length gown? This 50's tulle and lace gown might fit the bill! The dress also has a button back. $265

Some gals might think this too modest, but I think it's very chic a la Grace Kelly in her long-sleeved classic wedding gown. The gown also has a gorgeous train. $315

How about this shimmering brocade dress? $155

The photo doesn't do this dress justice. Apparently, it was too snug on the mannequin, so they couldn't button the back (whaa? Too small for the mannequin?) So, if you're smaller than a mannequin, this is a perfect dress! Check out the lace underlay on the bodice underneath the bolero. Very pretty! $190

Blue is not traditionally worn by brides, but shoot! $88 for this lovely 50s halter dress? Blue is the new white!

The site has more wedding stuff to chose from, as well as non-wedding items. Check it out!

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