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So we're cutting back on a few things, but cake is not one of them. Although it may look like we are from the looks of our single-tier 10 inch round wedding cake we ordered. No, everyone is getting cake -- a pretty good-sized portion and mighty delicious. But it ain't coming from the cake the fiance and I are cutting. That's just for show cuz, well, we're dropping $45 just so we can have a mound of flour and sugar to cut into. Our restaurant offers a dessert option meaning everyone will already have chocolate mousse cake with their meal.


But you might recall my moment of insecurity when the future in-laws griped at our decision to order a tiny cake, the cake they coined "Mickey Mouse." Never mind that everyone will be served cake. Never mind that dessert is already added to our catering expense. According to our in-laws, we must have the tall, gigantic wedding cake for the photos and for display. Who cares that no one will have room to eat it. Who cares that it will cost us another $300 (at least). They even offered to pay for it. Now some folks won't mind the offer and gladly accept. But I would rather put that extra cash somewhere else. It just seems such a waste for a prop.

But it will be so embarrassing. Who wants to look at that tiny little cake? You don't want a mediocre wedding!

Yes, those were their words. Mediocre?'s...just...CAKE!

As a foodie, I love cake. I love anything that will satisfy my obsessive sweet tooth. But I think our chocolate mousse cake will be far better than any three-tier confection we can afford to buy. I don't feel like purchasing a huge cake just because, OMG, what will people say???

So I think our 10-incher will suffice. It's from Ninong's Pastries in Granada Hills, a Filipino bakery that also serves some yummy Filipino-style breakfast (ahhh, longanisa and eggs!). We had a cake tasting at their shop and even though we thought chocolate was the winner, we went with vanilla. It will be a nice contrast to the Chocolate Mousse cake we're serving to everyone.

So, it will be a vanilla and buttercream cake, and they even offered to add strawberries to the filling for free. It serves about 30-40 people and we figure the wedding party can have dibs on it if they chose to eat it. With a bridal expo coupon, we purchased the cake for about $42.

Can a single tier wedding cake look classy? I figure we'll place it atop a tall cake stand. Our baker will wrap the base with a ribbon. We'll also top it with some fresh flowers.

Here are some inspirational photos to make me believe that yes, it can be done!

Here's something closer to our color scheme. I like the pearls and swags.

I like the simplicity. Don't think we'll be going with the bride and groom cake topper. It seems a little dated to me.

Pretty. Simple.

Oh, but how are we going to decorate the cake table with such an itty bitty cake? I thought I'd place some flowers at the base, like below. Champagne some candles.

So, am I just being delusional, blinded by my need to cut corners? Or can this really work?

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