Calling all DIY Brides: Head to the LA Flower Mart!

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If you're seriously considering DIYing any flower projects for your wedding, I highly, I insist you head over to the LA Flower Mart! Folks, this is where most of So Cal floral vendors get their flowers, and if you want to cut out the middle man, here's the spot.

 The LA Flower Mart offers tons of flowers at wholesale prices. I just about died thinking of all the floral possiblities I can do for much less than I would have paid a florist. $40 for a bridesmaid's rose bouquet? Psssh! How about for one for about $10?

A 40-count of roses is just $8!

Or a carnation bouquet for less than $5?

Mix n' match flowers, because they have just about every flower in season (and some not in season!)

I have never seen roses this shocking blue until I came here!

A bundle of Asian lillies for about $9 each

They have bamboo by the bundle:

and the elusive Manzanita branch for $7 each!

There also tons of accessories and supplies you'll need for centerpieces such as vases, candles, ribbon and even sea shells!

And we found our potted orchids! We found some for about $6-$9 each, but as we compared orchids from all the different vendors, we noticed some looked healthier and prettier than others. The ones that looked centerpiece-ready were about $15-$20 each. Still not bad considering some stores will charge you $40 for each!

 The flower mart is open to the public for a few hours each day, so you might want to check their hours on their website. It costs $2 a person for those who aren't badge members (which costs $50 a year). But the $2 general admission is worth it! The place is huge, so you want to get there early for the headstart and the fresh dibs on the selections. Also, prices and quality will differ between vendors, so keep looking. I would suggest making multiple visits so you can keep note of the prices and selection. Also, keep in mind that prices and selection differ between seasons.

And...since you're in the LA area and you might be hungry after all that flower shopping, grab a bacon dog!

Total artery-clogging goodness--it's what LA's all about!

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Gonna Be His Mrs. said...

I would go, but I'm like totally afraid of freeways! Maybe the next time you go I can tag along? lol (I'm in Glendora if you want to take that comment seriously) =)
I see that we're having pretty much the same color theme. I haven't had time yet to go through your blog, but it's on my to do list. I LOVE your save the dates btw. You are sooo pretty! =)

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