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Thursday, December 24, 2009 | by Newlywed | Labels: |

Yay! We have a Web site! There's something about a Web site that makes you more legit, so here we are! A legit couple in the World Wide Web! Our site is from http://www.justproposed.com/, a free web site you can tailor to your own liking. You can upload your own slideshow, photo and video gallery, and music background. It adds a little more character than some of your other free template web sites out there. Check it out!

Our homepage is actually a slideshow of our e-shoot set to the Hawaiian tune of White Sandy Beach by the great Iz Kamakawiwo'ole. Yep, that black mess on the screen is my shabby attempt at privacy.

Here's our info page, with tabs for the ceremony, reception and other parties. There's also an "Additional Info" box to update with more information, or even a map.

Our story page. There are two tabs for the bride and groom to each tell their own story. I wrote about his big proposal and he wrote about how we first met.

Our RSVP page. No need for postage, just a click of the mouse! This page won't be visible until our invitations go out. Our invitations will have specific directions on how to rsvp on our site (we'll need them to add their reception meal option in the "Remarks" box.)

What I like about this site versus other sites is that it's more interactive, a little more fun and the RSVP page has more information. Guests will need to leave their contact information so that if we, or they, any questions about their reservation, we can easily get back to one another.

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