Purple Wedding Shoes

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Part of the wedding planning syndrome is that you're prone to giving in to certain trends you never would have thought of before... had you not become addicted to Style Me Pretty or Snippet and Ink. No, I've never desired mustaches on a stick, the time warp vintage wedding, or macaroons (I've never even had a macaroon in my life!),  But I do desire a pair of plum color, peep toe heels as such:

I know I'm a bride, and I must wear all white and all, but c'mon! You gotta have a little splash of color, even if no one will even notice it! So I'm on a look out for these plum colored hotties. I found these available kicks on the web,

like these very hot, but very expensive ruffled "Salsa" sandals from Nordstroms:

at $154, it's almost as much as my wedding gown! But it doesn't stop me from coveting!

Then there are these selections:

Nina Kora for $76 at Lori's Shoes

This came off of the British site, Footwear Studio, for 22 pounds (that's double the US dollar!)

Here's another nice, and very affordable pair also at Nordstrom's.

I shouldn't really spend too much on my shoes, but...my eyes keep wandering back to the "Salsa" pair. Now those are hot!

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