Our Engagement Story

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Our Web site offers a feature where we can tell a story in our own words. Both bride and groom each have a page to tell a different story. I chose to tell how he proposed to me and my fiance gets to tell how we got together. Can't wait to read how he sees it (he swears I pursued him when we all know it's the other way around!) But here's my side of the story! Enjoy! *My fiance's name is taken out for the blog version. Sorry, still keepin' our identities on the downlow for now!*

Taken right after he slipped the ring on my finger!

"We were in San Clemente, a small beach town in Orange County, Calif., for a weekend. (My fiance) suggested that we take a walk to the beach after breakfast, so I was dressed as you would normally dress to the beach -- in shorts and flip flops! On our way, My fiance wanted to take a detour to Casa Romantica, a historic house overlooking a gorgeous view of San Clemente State Beach.

We wandered over to the garden where I started taking pictures of the view. My fiance kept asking me if I liked one spot more than the other. I kept saying the views are beautiful no matter where you look!
Then we walked over to another spot with a perfect view of the pier and miles of ocean blue. My fiance asked, "How about this spot?"

"It's perfect!" I said. As I was taking photos of the scenery, My fiance started fumbling around with something in his pocket.

He said he wanted to read me a poem he wrote...yep, I knew this was a biggie! My fiance...wrote...A POEM!

In a nervous voice, he read me the poem. The details of what he shared with me will always be between the two of us, but it was so sweet and heartfelt that, yes, it made me cry (awww!).
Then he did it, he got down on one knee and pulled out The Ring. I don't remember what happened next but all I remember was being so excited and pulling him back up so I can kiss and hug him. I must have forgotten to say yes because he asked, "So...does this mean this is a yes?"

"Yes! Of course, yes!" I said and hugged him for what seemed to be an eternity.

Was it what I always dreamed it to be? No...
It much sweeter than I can ever have imagined!"

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