A $75 Watters Dress?

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Yes, I found one...only it was four sizes too big! This is actually a delayed post, but I figured people should know about this little gem in LA's downtown. I visited FIDM's Scholarship Store on Ninth and Grand (this was before I bought my dress). Spurred by Broke Ass Bride's unbelievable find, I had to check it out.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (or FIDM) Scholarship Store receives cast-offs from other stores and boutiques (mostly from Forever 21). Some are overstock, others are damaged or made with slight imperfections. The money the store raises is used to fund scholarship programs for students of the school. Now, finding a $20 dress that actually isn't falling apart is rare, you really have to be there on a lucky day and time as they receive new shipments daily.

The day I went, I didn't find a great selection of bridal wear. But I found this beautiful Watters dress for a sweet $150.

But get this, everything over $50 is HALF OFF! Meaning that this dress was only $75!

So why didn't I jump at this? Well...it was a size 12. I'm a size 8 and I feared alteration costs would put me back in the range of a normal dress...perhaps even far more than my budget. I didn't think I loved it that much to risk it. So I put it back. Perhaps some other lucky bride has scooped it up!

Then there was this Tadashi gown...

and this one...

both for $25! Perfect for a much more laidback, informal wedding, or perhaps a rehearsal dinner! But alas...no sizes in 8. They were either much to big or too small!

There were tons of evening dresses, styles and colors at even more crazy prices.

But, yes, have a discerning eye, look hard, or make multiple visits, and you just might find a treasure!

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