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As I have blogged before, people have reacted to my proposed wedding budget with skepticism. They consider my paltry sum way too modest for any "quality" wedding. But the other day, I received a totally unexpected response. Yes, the person was astounded...but for an entirely different reason.

$15000? That is more than enough money! I did mine for just $5000! said my co-worker, Mr. $5000 Wedding Budget.

While I applaud folks who can produce a wedding for more than half of my proposed budget, let me reiterate what my budget includes--everything! Food, party favors, wedding bands, my gown, beauty prepping, hair and makeup, church fees, the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon, the rental car, gas for the rental car, photographer, DJ, hotel for the wedding party and the bride and groom...everything. Except for the engagement ring. No, not the ring. Basically everything related to the wedding after he put that ring on my finger.

I've perused other wedding blogs on budgets similar to mine, and most of them don't include those smaller details that definitely add up. There are realistic budgets for different people. We won't be able to get a free cereomony site. My fiance and I are both church-going people and we don't really want a civil wedding. And since my fiance is Mormon, Mr. $5000 Wedding Budget urged us to marry in the Mormon chapel. It's free. Sometimes, it's not just about money. My fiance and I both agreed to marry in a Catholic church. I was open to marrying in a Mormon chapel, but I knew that if we did, I would want a Catholic ceremony as well. My fiance said he would just rather have one ceremony and if I was set on a Catholic ceremony, then we would have one. I know it probably would be cheaper to have a Mormon ceremony, or even a civil ceremony, but it's not always about what's cheaper. Mr. $5000 Wedding Budget also urged us to make our own food. While it may be cheaper to go the DIY route, we simply don't have the time, money or talent to do everything. I'm trying to be realistic here and I'm not planning to slave in front of the stove to cook for 100-plus people.  But I'm open to other budget-friendly, less time-consuming projects. We don't want to compromise on food. None of our family members are zagat-rated chefs. We want quality photography and elegant decorations. These are the things we want for our wedding. Not everyone wants these things and that's fine.

Everything is all relative. Quality is relative. If we produce a wedding that some people still might think is "cheap" or even "too expensive," at least it will be something the future hubby and I will be proud of...and that's what's most important.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Someone had mentioned to me, why not have one interfaith ceremony, a ceremony with both Mormon and Catholic traditions? If we did have one, it would not take place in either one of our churches, but in a country club or a park. I mentioned it to my fiance, but we realized we had our hearts set on marrying in a church. Since we could not marry in a Mormon Temple because I am not a member, my fiance was the one who suggested the Catholic church.

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