To trash or not to trash?

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So what do you do with your wedding dress after its one day of glory? Other than let it sit in your closet for all eternity in hopes that future offspring will realize grandma had great taste? Some brides are opting to trash their wedding dress for that spectacular shot. I have to admit, some of these photos are pretty amazing, but a little morbid. I love the floating-in-the-water look, but it kind of looks like Ophelia in Hamlet. "Drowned Bride" is not the photo I want at the end of my wedding album. Got to admire the guts some of these brides had to completely ruin an obviously expensive dress, though. But the covered-in-flames shot? Way too gutsy and very disturbing!

On one hand, such acts can be a symbol of rebellion against materialism. It is after all just a dress. Who cares if it's covered in mud or drenched in pouring rain? On the other hand, that dress is money. I was raised to understand that materialistic things aren't everything, but we ought to take care of the things we do have. If you are blessed to come into posession of something that does cost a lot of money, take care of it, appreciate it. Ruining items that most people can't afford to buy can come off as quite arrogant.
No, I don't think I would trash the gown--even if I came away with a really amazing Vogue-esque shot. But really, what am I going to do with a photo like that? I'm not trying out for America's Top Model anytime soon. I think I like one of Credit Crunch Brides's ideas of donating the dress to charity such as Oxfam. At least the money you put into that dress will go toward causes that can really use it.

*Photos are courtesy of Michael Cooper

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