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I'm really looking forward to this Valentine's Day. It's our time to take another break from wedding/marriage planning and just have fun with each other. But V-days always presented some sort of challenge for me. I never knew what to give my guy on Valentine's Day. Everyone always says it's a chick's holiday, but it doesn't seem right to forget about my significant other on a day about love.  But every site suggesting V-day gifts for him always named some sort of electronic gadget, and we all know any tech toy beginning with an "i" ain't cheap. So how do you show the guy in your life how much you love and appreciate him without shelling out major $$$? Well, if your guy is anything like mine, he'll love the thoughtful things much more than the expensive stuff. Seriously, it's the little things you say and do for him that will really get him!

My favorite budget gifts for him:

1. Dinner and a movie
So you may not be Paula Deen, but guys love a home-cooked meal. And if you don't make dinner often, it could be something really special you two can do together. What's more romantic than making dinner together, sitting down and having a great conversation over your culinary achievements? Sure it might be just Prego pasta and salad, but it's the time together that really counts. Follow up dessert snuggling on a couch with a rented movie.

2. Random love notes
An unexpected "I love you" note can really make your day. What makes them really sweet is leaving them in places around the house where he'd least expect it. How about leaving notes describing a favorite memory each of you had with one another, with the last note being a gift certificate or coupon for another new memory you can make with other another?

3. Love Coupons
Making him some "I owe you's" might make him excited about things to come. How about a massage? A dinner? A night at the movies? A day doing whatever he wants? If you're not crafty, you can download them for free .

4.What about doing things you both will enjoy, not just whatever he or she wants to do? For us, it would be a day hiking, a day trip sampling new cuisines, or trying something new and fun, maybe rock wall climbing, paint balling or bike riding along the beach. Look into your community's entertainment guide and you might find a lot of inexpensive or free ideas.The possibilities can be endless!

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