20 down, 980 to go!

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I was actually serious when I said we were going to attempt to fold 1000 paper cranes in 6 months. Never mind that I had never folded one in my life before. I can't even fold a paper plane without messing up. But I love the symbol of paper cranes. They're auspicious birds in a lot of Asian cultures, including China and Japan. Legend says if a couple folds 1000 paper cranes, they can look forward to lucky marriage.

And when I heard you can actually donate your efforts toward cancer research, I knew this was a done deal. Instead of putting our time, money and effort into a DIY favor that no one will take home, we wanted to do something meaningful and hopefully make an impact. What better way than making a donation to a charity?

So we started our paper cranes two days ago, buying 500 pieces of printer paper at Staples for $2 (with rebate). We propped our laptop on the table and followed this Youtube clip:
and after an hour of struggling with one paper crane, and getting mighty frustrated as my fiance made his perfect-looking cranes, I was ready to give up. But if folding 1000 paper cranes grants you prosperity and happiness as legend says, it can't be an easy task. So I tried, again and again, and my little birds were begining to look presentable. Now, I'm definitely hooked. Actually, I'm quite obsessed with these little fellas. They become easier and a lot more fun once you get the hang of them. But yes, they are time consuming! If we are to make our goal of 1000 paper cranes, we'll need to fold at least 6 cranes a day. We have 20 down...just 980 to go! Looks like we could some of that luck early!


Perfect Blue Moon said...

I've heard of people doing this but being welsh it never occurred that I could do it myself. I love the string of white cranes, and it would fit right in with our whimsical cottage theme. Thanks So Much for the Post! and thanks for reminding me about the giveaway!

daisymay said...

Sounds like fun, but I only have 14 weeks till the wedding so think 1000 cranes may be a little out of our realm, lol. Plus I already decided on wedding favours. individually monogrammed silver perfume dispensers and swiss army knives. I know random, but I figured they would be different and something people will actually take home!

MeadowbelleMarket said...

Oh wow! I didn't know you could donate to cancer research by making paper cranes. If I had known, I probably would have been more determinted in my efforts to decorate my own reception last October with the little paper birds. I made a couple of dozen, but didn't end up incorporating them...have fun and best of luck towards your 1000!!

We did offer the suggestion to our guests that they choose a loan on Kiva to sponsor. http://www.kiva.org/

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