Wedding Trailer: Hazel + Isaac

Monday, September 13, 2010 | by Newlywed | Labels: |

I'm very pleased to share with you our wedding trailer courtesy of Bliss Imagery! It pretty much sums up the joy of the day. Enjoy!

I have been asked whether or not I think wedding videography is necessary, and from a personal view, I'd have to say that if your budget allows, it's always nice to have footage from the day rather than just still pictures. Sure, I think your main focus should be photography -- those are irreplaceable and if you don't have the budget, means or opportunity, stick to the photos--but I'm really grateful we have a cinematic perspective of the day. 

If you can't  afford videography, I've seen cool videos taken from a simple flip camera. Yup.


Kristin - Miss Glasses said...

OMG! Fab video. You really did have a beautiful, chic wedding. Congratulations!

Lexi said...

This is awesome and it brought a tear to my eye. You look so profoundly happy... thanks for sharing!!!

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