Wedding Lesson #7: No regrets

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My friend's lovely wedding @ Irvine Presbysterian Church in Irvine, CA. (Personal Photo)

I apologize for the little break from blogging, but I had a busy Labor Day Weekend, which included going to one of my good friends' wedding. Let me tell you, I'm still so amazed about all the creativity that turned a regular printing warehouse into an elegant, contemporary, modern-chic banquet hall!

Please forgive my blurry photography! Long strips of white material (purchased at the LA Fashion District) covered up walls and printing machinery. Lighting and paper lanterns certainly did the job!
Another blurry photo. Amazing what you can do with some lemon, rocks and sticks!
Food (a mixture of Filipino, American and Korean ode to their Filipino, Korean and American backgrounds) was yumm! Catering by LA Rose Cafe in Los Angeles. (Personal Photo)

This was the first wedding that I've attended since my own, and while I'm still ecstatic for my two friends' wedding, the inevitable comparisons come up. Their wedding was a fantastic, low budget DIY fair. It was an evening wedding where guests danced to the wee hours. I started thinking, gosh, would we have afforded a dinner wedding? Could we have done what they did? I started worrying that we had not done our best research, we hadn't fully explored our options. Perhaps we could have had a dinner wedding for nearly as much as we spent on a daytime wedding. I was wondering if I was regretting our decision.

I finally snapped out of my insane worry-wort ways, and realized, sure, we could have done what they did, but it would have been an entirely different wedding. We wouldn't have had the intimate vibe our smaller venue had, we wouldn't have had the rustic, vintage-y feel that was more us. And...I look back at our photos, and I loved the natural lighting only a daytime wedding could offer. And, sure we had a daytime wedding, and yes, the feel would be much different at night, but that didn't stop us from getting down!

My friends' wedding was gorgeous and lovely, proving you don't have to spend a lot to have a great, chic and stylish wedding. The artsy vibe was sooo them. But at the same time, our wedding was more us. It fit us. And I can't transplant what we had and try to fit it into what our friends had without coming up with something totally different. Not better or worse. Just different.

So don't worry about what's done already. There are no do-overs when planning your wedding...unless, of course, you want to do a vow renewal ceremony but for us, that would be way down the line. Yes, you might see something in the future that, had you known about it before, you might have done things differently. It's inevitable. But don't beat yourself up over it. The fact that you didn't have "Mrs." and "Mr." signs on your chairs wouldn't have made a huge difference in your wedding. What matters is not how much money you spent or if you had it during the day or evening, or if you could have afforded those favors instead of the ones you actually did hand out. Honestly, the best memories I have of our wedding are not the things we ended up buying or making, but the joy, the laughter, the love and loved ones, and the opportunities to share our love with the people close to us, that truly made our special day. For that, I'm truly grateful for our own amazing wedding!

So no regrets...Ok, maybe except for caving into obligatory invites who insisted on adding more people to their RSVP and never even bothered to show up! But that's another post....

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Kristin said...

Wow! Your friends wedding is really lovely. Like in life though, I don't think there's a point to comparing yourself to others. I love this post!

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