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Ahhh, the bridal veil. Growing up, nothing said "bride" more to me than the veil. Sure, I'm aware of the gripes some women have with the veil, but the mysogynistic origins is so far from what I really love about it. For me, it's purely aesthetic -- I love the gorgeous dramatic effect of cascading tulle and lace, and you know, I'll only get to wear that once! For me, there's only one kind of veil I want--the cathedral length veil. I dunno, I saw Sound of Music when I was little and I was hooked. Give me a veil as long as Fraulein Maria's!

Really, How stunning is this?
But...the price of a mere accessory is hazardous to my blood pressure! Seriously, for the life of me, I can't figure out how a veil made mostly of tulle can cost nearly as much as the gown!

Future Hubby: Do not read any further, unless you want to ruin the surprise!
I tried on this veil at Alfred Angelo with my dress and I loved it:

The price? Not so much. I was not willing to drop $200+ on a veil, considering I would be wearing it just for the ceremony and photographs. Luckily for me, my aunt has offered to make my veil (along with the alterations, bustle and four flower girl dress, God bless her!) We went to the LA Fashion District and bought 7 yards of white tulle, 20 yards of lace and a hair comb for just $22.

So what kind of veil do I want? I'm partial to lace. No glittery stuff, no tiaras and I'm not really into the poof at the crown. I'm debating with myself over the blusher. But here are a couple possibilities:
Mantilla-style Veil w/ a blusher
I really love the Mantilla style veil, but it goes best with really nice lace. Lace can be very expensive (The ones we looked at were $4-$10 a yard). The lace we purchased is pretty, but more of a great embellishment than a focal point--of course, it was only 30 cents a yard! I'm leaning toward the second veil because I think it might look better with my updo (I'm going to wear my hair up with a flower fascinator).

So...are you wearing a veil on wedding day? If so, show us your veils! I'd love to see 'em!


Perfect Blue Moon said...

I started out thinking Veils were an unnecessary accessory, annnd I fell in love with this one: I'm going for a lace vintagey dress and I think this would compliment marvously. Unfortunetally I'm even cheaper than you are and think I might try to make a similar one myself to save the $30. hey, it's an extra bottle in the bar.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I did and made it myself - here was part of the process.
Second Part - Making your own alencon lace waltz length veil

I bought silk tulle for a pretty awesome price because I liked the way it hung better. That was normally $150/yard and alencon lace (like my dress) is normally $50/yard. It helps to keep hunting and find wholesalers if you're going for the high end stuff! Otherwise, there is great lace and tulle at Joann's and local fabric stores! Keep searching and asking around until you find it.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm wearing a veil but not sure what kind yet!

The Budget Bride said...

Gorgeous veils ladies! CnC, great job the veil! It looks stunning! Yep, alencon lace is expensive, but looks so beautiful!

Ha Dang said...

May I ask which store did you buy your tulle and lace? I also live in la

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