Very Superstitious!

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There are a couple wedding superstitions we're keeping in mind. I am wearing a sixpence in my shoe (Thanks, Mon Amour Boutique!) and the FH refuses to see my gown until I'm walking down the aisle (nope, no First Look shots for us!) But there is one superstition I just don't get!

Along with making my veil and the flower girl dresses, my aunt is so kindly altering my wedding gown. She did afterall work as a seamstress in a wedding dress factory! Yes, I do feel really grateful for relatives offering their convenient services! But what's not so convenient in this case is my aunt's strongly held Filipino wedding superstition -- I'm not supposed to wear my wedding gown until the day of the wedding! That means no fittings before then. Ummm...not going to happen!

I've told my aunt too late, I've already tried on the dress. But she refuses to work on it with me in it! It's bad luck, she says! You see, in the Philippines, dresses were always custom made. The seamstress would take the bride's measurements so it was a good chance the bride wouldn't need a whole lot of alterations come wedding day. But this superstition doesn't bode well here where most dresses come in standard sizes! What will be truly bad luck is an ill-fitting wedding gown!

So what's a girl to do? Luckily, because I have tried on the gown before, I know what alterations need to be done. Nothing major, just a tightening of the shoulder straps, which my aunt can do in 10 mins. But this situation still doesn't ease my mind!

Are you adhering to any wedding superstitions? If so, which ones and why?


Dancy said...

Wow - that's a tough one. I'd just double check with your shoes and all your undergarments on to make sure everything ('cept the straps) is how you want it.
I've found that the Mr. is way more traditional than I am but we're skipping the garter/flower toss, going from table to table & guest book. I'm sure there will be more things left out as we get closer.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so interesting! I'm adhering to the not seeing the groom before walking down the aisle on my big day, not allowing him to see my dress before then, and I too have the sixpence compliments of Mon Amour & your giveaway!

Perfect Blue Moon said...

My family is really strong with our welsh background, especially my grandpa, and one tradition they have is to hide the bride and her family in the house and have the groom and his family try to find the bride to bring her to the wedding. Bride is promptly ushered out the back door guarded by her family and put on a horse to race her groom to the wedding site. If he manages to catch up to her before she reaches her destination he can claim a kiss before the numptuals. *Big Breath* so what I wanted to do was take the bridal party for a trail ride the day before the wedding to bond and relax before the big day!

Sarah said...

I adhered to the traditions that made the day special and worked for me- and the ones that didn't feel "right" I just didn't do! It is such a personal decision and it sounds like there are no easy answers in yours. I wish you the best as you figure it out! Maybe in the end you'll love it even more for having done it this way!

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