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Saturday, August 20, 2011 | by Newlywed | Labels: , |

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

I am writing a post after, oh, nine months of letting this wedding blog languish untouched.

Obviously, I knew posting would be light after the big day...but I didn't expect complete abandonment.

So what's bringing on this renewed motivation for wedding blogging?

Well, the hubby and and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary.

It was a quiet, low-key affair. We went back to the restaurant/banquet hall where had our reception for a romantic dinner. We ordered our favorite dish on our reception menu.  Still as delicious as we remembered it.

But we were a little sad to see our wedding cake wasn't on the menu anymore.

Things change, that we know. But the memory stays the same, always there to come back to when we want to.

We sat there, held hands and reminisced. Even with all the crazy drama, guest list issues, things we probably would have done differently, we truly had a wonderful, memorable wedding.

And as time passes, new memories are created, new adventures, new lessons are learned...together.

I still love weddings, and as life goes on from our own special day, I start to realize yes, there are weddings going on every day. The day that you spent months planning becomes special only to you and your husband (or wife). You'll see a fabulous idea at someone else's wedding and wonder, "Darn, why didn't we think of that?"

But even then, I still enjoy being at weddings. I enjoy browsing over wedding porn (of course, not as much as I did during the planning stages). And I enjoy talking to brides-to-be and listening to the ideas and providing advice when I can, and when they want it (Beware, newly wedded wives! Do not be come a Wedding-Know-it-All once you tie the not! Engaged couples do not want to hear, "Well in our wedding..." )

A friend of mine snapped a photo of me walking down the aisle on the big day. It was of the beautiful veil my aunt made for me for free, basically with $20 of tulle and lace. She posted it on Facebook a year later to wish us a happy anniversary.

A reminder to thank my aunt again!


Emily said...

Happy one year! Glad you found a time to post again!!

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