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Our DJ is a friend who has offered his services for free...the thing is, he's not an actual, professional DJ. He just happens to have all the necessary equipment. So out of necessity, we've been very involved in picking and supplying the music (We have an MC to help him along). We came up with a list of music (a long process scouring our ipods and the Internet) and divided it up of Cocktail Hour, Meal songs, and Dance songs. We even designated songs for cake cutting and the bouquet toss.

Our playlist on Excel.

The hardest part, actually, was agreeing on what songs to play. The future hubs and I have very differing musical tastes. He loves hip hop and R&B and I would much rather be jamming at a Coldplay or Muse concert. So we came up with these guidelines for picking the soundtrack to our wedding day:

1) The lyrics should be pretty clean, meaning no cuss words! We purposely looked for Radio Edit of all the songs.
2) The lyrics shouldn't be about breakups or anything ominuous. I was at a wedding once where the bride and groom danced to "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" as their first dance song and I almost died!
3) Diversify the list. We came up with a list of healthy doses of hip hop, pop and alternative, as well as some the older crowd will appreciate.
4) Cocktail hour music could be upbeat or mellow, Meal songs are mellow tunes to play softly in the background, and Dance songs are any popular tunes to get people excited to get onto the dancefloor.
5) We decided that our wedding wasn't really the time to expose our guests to majorly obscure tracks that we love, so we thought a good mix of pop music was essential.
6) No Macarena or Chicken Dance. Nope!!!

Did you come up with a Music Playlist for your DJ? What were some of your Do Play or Do Not Play songs?


Jenn said...

I wanted to do a list like this but did not know where to begin, thanks for sharing!

Do you mind emailing it to me? Jenmb123@aol.com

Thanks! Happy Planning!

kristininjapan said...

Those are our exact guidelines for wedding songs too!

Shirley said...

This is what i was looking for. Do you mind emailing it to me? sduque27@gmail.com

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