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I did include any pre-wedding grooming services in my budget, and I allocated only $50 to it. I thought I would just bite the bullet and sacrifice full bridal pampering.  But thanks to my sisters and my mom, I'm enjoying a very cool spa package the week of our wedding as a neat shower gift. The package includes a Swedish massage, a complete Body Salt scrub (a great exfoliating experience ;) a manicure and facial. While my package was a gift, you can get the same kind of services at a spa near you for 70-80% off (with proceeds going to charity) through Spas for a Cause.

All that is left to take care of is a pedicure, waxing and my favorite -- threading. Threading has been around for awhile (mainly in the bigger cities), but if you don't know what it is, check out this video! It's a great way to remove facial hair without chemicals as waxing does. Some say it's better than waxing as it doesn't remove a layer of skin or decrease the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. I just got a full face threading and the results were great! A little uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it!

So even with all that I'm doing for my pre-wedding beautification (massage, body salt scrub, manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing (for the non-facial areas) and full face threading, I'm running just $10 over my $50 budget. Not bad!


Kristin said...

I love threading too!

Josh said...

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Lulu said...

Wow- what a cool way to save money. I had no idea that existed. Thanks for sharing!

Taylor @ Lulu

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