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I read an interesting post over at Wedding Bee. A bride-to-be and her groom-to-be enters a tuxedo shop looking for a suit. The groom wants to wear a white shirt, but when the bride discloses that she will be wearing an ivory gown, the salesman is clearly disturbed. He insists an ivory dress and white shirt will look "dirty" in pictures. His is so strong in his reaction (and in my opinion, I find it overreacting) that it's no wonder people tend to have such poor confidence in their choices. There are folks out there, with no real say-so in your wedding plans, filling your head with total paranoia. Really, did the salesman have to call the look "dirty"?

The thing is, no one who really cares about your wedding will care about white vs. ivory. My sister wore a white wedding gown while her groom wore a traditional Filipino barong which is decidedly more ivory. Did I notice? Not really, not even 7 years later until I read this post. All I remember was what a great-looking  couple they were! Maybe it's because I truly cared about the couple getting married, that their happiness transcended anything they wore that day and that I was emotionally connected to the wedding. For those who aren't, I can see how an ivory dress vs. a white shirt would be such a big deal....well, maybe not a big deal, but I can see how they would maybe notice.

I read a post about a person who attended a wedding and rolled their eyes to high heavens when the father of the bride read his speech from a piece of paper. How tacky, they declared!

But my father read his speech off a piece of paper at my sister's wedding. It brought tears to my eyes because knowing my father, he rarely gets emotional. He hates speaking in public and is very shy. With English being his third language, he wanted to be sure he said his speech with perfect English, so he wrote it out and I helped him correct his grammar. But the speech was heartfelt and genuine, and I was really proud of him. I don't think I cared for a second he read off of a paper, and it touched a lot of people, and most of all, my sister.

Look, it's not a crime to care about these things...the little details that might matter to you. But don't let other people's ideas of what you should worry about get to you. And don't let the little details get in the way of things that truly do matter.

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