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Almost a month away...OMG! It's sending chills up my spine saying that! We picked up our marriage license at the Orange County Recorder today and now we're a step closer to saying our vows and "inking the deal."

Crazy, huh?

I was a little nervous about picking up our license after all the horror stories I heard about couples waiting for at least an hour in a crowded office. Nope, not the case. We headed to the small downtown Fullerton branch, went right up to the counter where we signed, raised our hands in oath, and handed over our $61.50 check. Easy peasy!

If you're getting married in California, no blood test is needed and you can get your marriage license at any county branch in the state. There are different fee ranges and in Southern California, Los Angeles is the most expensive (the fee hiked up to $90!) Even though we're getting married in Los Angeles County, we drove over to Orange County office to get the same license for much less. You can even start the application process online. For folks used to driving here in LA, it's worth the 30-minute-drive!

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