I concede defeat

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The dress and I were not meant to be. I've been told that my FSIL wouldn't mind at all, "she wouldn't mind if you wore her dress," but what it comes down to is that I don't want to wear HER dress. I want to wear my own dress. The Maggie gown is still very much similar to my FSIL's and while I still think that the dress has everything I want, I can't bring myself to wear the dress without feeling some guilt.

So, what now? Keep looking again? I know exactly what I want. I want simple, but chic. I want a slim A-line, V-neck and straps, a fitted bodice and some ruching on it (it slims out the problem areas, folks). I prefer no (or at least minimal) beading. I want a corset and a train. I prefer satin. Wait, that sounds like Maggie again! Doh!

After browsing through Maggie Sotterro gowns, I found these options:


V-neck, check, straps, check...but a little too A-line? Not thrilled about the beads, Next.

Then there was this lovely dress:


But the empire waist threw me off, and maybe a little too informal.

Then there was this Marilyn gown. Eagerly, I clicked on it to find out more.

But I was disappointed to find this backside view:

Very low back, and not something I'd wear at church. Great on the model, but definitely not on me.

I was getting discouraged until I found this gown.
Meet Vivien:

Not exactly V-neck, but a sweetheart neckline. A-line, with a tad bit of beading on the cap sleeves. I can live with that. There a little brooch on the side and yes, we have a corset back. But the train is a little short for my taste, but I figure I can compensate with a longer veil:


Hmmm...possibly...Life does go on after an ended affair.

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