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I'm kind of shy about sharing these with you. As I said before, I'm no Martha Stewart. I'm a wannabe crafter. I'm the kind of person with more ambition than actual talent, the A for effort kind of gal. Our STD's are not the blog-chic STDs that will make every bride mad with envy, the kinds that I've been gushing over lately. They're simple, and that's what I love about them, I'm also kind of shy about showing my face. My friend designed our STDs using shots from our engagement shoot, and if I want to share these with you, I'll have to let you in on a peek at our funny mugs.

But I love our STD's because they're uniquely ours. C'mon, nothing says "uniquely yours" than your own faces! My friend did a great job designing them and I'm thrilled to finally send out our first official piece of our wedding to our loved ones. This is really it. This wedding is really happening! The fiance and I will be married...soon! I actually started tearing up as I wrote out the addresses.

And I love that I had some part in the crafting process, even if that part screams novice to some folks. It was fun. Embossing is my new obsession.

So without further delay and stalling here they are, step by step to the finished product!

Materials for my DIY envelopes. I made liners out of scrapbooking paper and embossed a stamp image using embossing powder, ink and an embossing gun. My friend threw in a box of 4X6 envelopes along with the design. Awww!

Stamping and covering the image with purple embossing powder. Tip: Using a small paintbrush to brush off the stray flakes really helped create a cleaner image.

The embossed image up close

Of course, postage will be added.

Adhesive seals from Michaels

Sorry, about the unattractive redaction. Well, at least you can see how we look like...sort of.

The backside of our card.

While the cards, envelopes and address label were free, I did purchase the materials for the embossing, liners and stickers. Using coupons from Michaels, everything came out to $30 for 50+ envelopes. I'll also reuse some of these materials for our DIY invitations.

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