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I have another unnecessary obsession, this time it's paper lanterns. Why, oh why, would I need lanterns, given that our reception will be in broad daylight? I don't know why. Just look at them! They're so pretty! Picture them, round globes hanging in the air like some whimsical celestial setting. Bunched together or hanging at different lengths, how can you not look at them and just *sigh*. And, they would add a great Asian-inspired detail to our intercultural wedding. I can just envision them hanging from the rafters of our venue. Check 'em out! 

So how much would this cost me considering our decoration budget is quite meager? A brief online search brought me to two sites. You can get a plain, 10" lantern for as little as $1 each here.

Looking for more colors? Try Luna Bazaar.
I found these plum colored 14" lanterns for $5.20.

I'm sure the lighting to go with this will be the tricky/expensive part, although I'm thinking considering the time of our reception, I might not need it. I'm also not sure how many lanterns I'll need, or the best way to hang them. Are you hanging lanterns at your wedding? Anyone have any suggestions/advice?

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ara said...

Definitely the more the merrier when it comes to paper lanterns! Try varying the size and the height that they are hung for more visual interest. Just FYI - you can buy lights that run on batteries to avoid long extension cords, or you can attach the paper lanterns to Italian style (large bulbs) string lights. And if your wedding is entirely during the day, then no, you do not need to light the lanterns.

Good luck!

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