Wedding Recap: Gifts for our Parents

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We knew we wanted to give our parents a nice thank you...but what do you give your parents for, oh, raising you for all of your life and their support (whether financial or emotional) during this entire wedding process? You simply can't put a price tag on that. Nothing we can buy can be enough for what they've done for us. But we still wanted to give them something. But what do we give our parents on a beer budget?
So, to say thanks for the years of memories and the wedding they've helped put on, we gave both parents each a digital photo frame. We thought about a photo album, but knowing our parents, we knew another album would collect dust in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again. At least a frame can be displayed and instead of one photo, they can display multiple photos at once.

We purchased two 7 inch Matsunichi digital photo frames from for, get this, $15 each! Regular price is about $70, but we found these two at a steal.

The picture quality is actually pretty good (480 by 234 pixels). But for our tech-challenged parents, we knew we would have to set everything up for them. We purchased memory cards and downloaded our childhood photos and engagement photos onto the cards. So all they needed to do was plug in the frame and press the on button! Easy peasy! We also figure we will download our wedding pics onto the frames when we get them.

When we gave them their gifts, both parents really enjoyed them. They love staring at the photos in frame. Really, they sit down staring at the frames like it's a television!

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Kristin said...

That is such a great gift for parents, and you got it at a real steal too! I bow down to your budget savviness!

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