Wedding Lesson #2: Get organized in advance

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We didn't have a main coordinator taking charge of the entire wedding. We had a church coordinator and a reception coordinator, but the FH and I were responsible for everything leading up to the day of the wedding. In the months of planning, the guest room in my house had become stacked with wedding items. Our table runners, our ceremony programs, our birdage cardbox, our guestbook, the DIY coloring books for the flower girls...every little random item I had acquired. But all of that doesn't mean anything if you can't get all of your items organized so they can actually be used the day of the wedding.

I needed to separate all ceremony items from reception items. I needed to make a list of items as well as instructions for our church and reception coordinators of what to do with them. I didn't realize what an undertaking it was until I found myself at the wee hours of the morning trying to organize everything. We had 50 palm weave fans my aunt brought from her trip to the Philippines to pass out during the ceremony. We even took time to decorate each one with a purple ribbon. These nearly weren't used when I almost forgot to put them with the items labeled "Ceremony." I bought a cute little wooden sign that said "Forever and Always, No Matter What," at a thrift store. I wanted to display it at our guestbook table. But, alas, I forgot to put it in with the reception items, so it was never used.

So definitely, don't wait until the final stretch to get your wedding stuff organized. As soon as you acquire something for the wedding, start organizing them by places of where they should end up. Start keeping notes of where the items should be and how they should be arranged (because you'll definitely won't be doing it all yourself the day of the wedding!) You'll save yourself a lot of headache in the end.

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Kristin said...

Wheeeeeew-EEEEEEEE. Procrastination is my middle name. I'll try to keep this advice in mind!

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